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Global Mixed Reality Keynote

Create mixed reality apps that map, designate, and recall precise points of interest that are accessible across HoloLens, iOS, and Android devices. Spatials anchors will help to your users a better understanding of their data, where they need it and when they need it, by placing and connecting your digital content to physical points of interest.

In the session you will get an overview of the possibilities that Azure Spatials Anchors offers and a speed course how to get started and get it integrated in your mixed reality app

The MRKT2 finally went GA, and a lot of things that were broken now actually work. This session will get you up to speed with the latest development, particularly some new interaction models, for instance eye tracking. This session will help you prepare for HoloLens 2!

Microsoft offers a broad range of out-of-the-box solutions for the Mixed Reality market. One of them is creating customized training modules for new workers on the factory floor. Using Dynamics 365 and Microsoft HoloLens we are able to create a specific training which allows new workers to be more quickly in learning their daily job. The session contains explanation of the different functionalities of Microsoft Guides and live demonstration of the application.

I will explain and demonstrate, how you can turn a ble device into a controller to interact with you web-based AR or VR application, using Web-Bluetooth!

Building VR games is a challenge in itself. But what if you would add a 1-month time limit and a 13KB size restriction? That's what the JS13K Games competition is about. For this competition, I build a fun little JavaScript game in A-Frame complete with sound effects, music, and retro-style graphics.

In this session, I show you how this game was built and what challenges I had to overcome to get it done in time.

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