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Yes you can. But you will need to signup for the Global AI & MR Bootcamp and have at least the page containing information regarding your event at the website. It is possible to add additional buttons and/or links to your event website

To become an organizer just press the button "Become a organizer" on this page. Fill in all the necessary information and we will generate an event page for you. You will get access to this page to make the necessary changes.

Because the event is for free, you can get a free subscription at This allows you to handle the event schedule and speakers.

This global event is for community members by community members and is free of charge. You are not allowed to ask any fee whatsoever. If we see that a fee is charged we will ask you nicely to set it to no charge. Keeping a fee will expel you from the global event.

You are as organizer yourself responsible for arranging any needed sponsorship. If needed we can guide you in how to get things done. In no way the Global AI & MR Bootcamp will be arranging sponsorship for local events.

You are in full control of your schedule except for the keynote. The keynote will be provided by us via a download link and YouTube

You can't The Global AI & MR Bootcamp is a global event which takes place on one specific day all over the world.

  • Let us help you setting up your event
  • Approach local heroes to help making your event great
  • Make sure it is a free event for your community
  • Follow up the code of conduct
  • And above of all have fun!

These rules are here as guidelines to help you form the event at your location. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. It is you, the community members, who are making this event big.

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