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HoloLensアプリ開発秘話(HoloLens app development history)


HoloLensを持っていない方も参加可能です!ご興味のある方は是非ともご参加頂き、HoloLensを含めたWindows MixedRealityの世界を覗いてみてください!

Prominent people on the HoloLens application development will talk about the features of apps suitable for HoloLens and VR / MR, and the story behind the development of HoloLens apps.

Those who do not have HoloLens can also participate! If you are interested, please join us and take a look at the world of Windows Mixed Reality including HoloLens!

日本の四拠点で同時中継開催!!(Simultaneous broadcasting held at four bases in Japan)

今回は日本から札幌、東京、大阪、熊本の四拠点が参加し、同時接続同時進行という無謀な取り組みにチャレンジしてみます!! 何が起こるのか、ご期待ください!!


This time, four bases from Japan, Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka and Kumamoto will participate, and we will challenge the reckless approach of simultaneous simultaneous connection! ! Look forward to what happens! !

Please join the event from Connpass!

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    November 16, 2019 12:30
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    November 16, 2019 19:00
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