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The Global MR Bootcamp event will take place on saturday, november 16th  2019. This page includes a timeline which will help you to organize your event as smooth as possible. It will also give you an idea at where the organization of the Global MR Bootcamp is at the moment. If you have any questions or remarks please let us know.

Apr 01

All locations & venues accepted

We want to get as much locations & venues known for Global MR Bootcamp. Of course new locations & venues are accepted after this date.

Jun 17

Get your schedules ready

Make sure that your schedule is ready. Meaning the start and end time of your event and the way how your event is split up into keynote, sessions, break outs, workshops, community gathering and drinks

Jul 01

Venue sorted out

At this time you will have your venue sorted out. Meaning you have arranged a location and food to hold your local event. Keep in mind that you need to decide how many of you community members can join the..Read More

Aug 05

Getting local heroes for your event

Start looking for local heroes for your event! You can use for example Sessionize to get and select speakers. Sessionize is free of use for free events like these

Aug 26

Get your sponsors arranged

It can help to have sponsors for your local event to get additional goodies, swag and get paid for certain things. You need to arrange and address them yourself.

Sep 01

Notify your speakers

At this time it is wise to notify your speakers for your local event. Let them know you have selected them to be part of this incredible global event.

Sep 22

Final Agenda

The agenda of your local event needs to be finalized and available on your event page at this date and ready for your local community. This means that you have arranged all your sessions, break-outs and/ or workshops and that..Read More

Oct 01

Start creating buzz! We will too!

Start creating some buzz around your local event if you didn’t already do that! We love to help with that. You can use your own #tag or our global one #globalmrbootcamp2019

Nov 09

Keynote is made available

The 30 minute keynote is made available via a download link and via a YouTube channel to all the organizers. This keynote needs to be included at the start of your local event

Nov 16

Let’s start the event!

On this date the Global MR Bootcamp will take place worldwide on may different locations.

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