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Dear sponsor,

This year we are going to do it again! Global MR Bootcamp 2019. And this time we are going to make it bigger than ever! So join us and become part as sponsor of this great event. The event is about Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, XR, WebVR, WebXR, with related Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. All and all with the emphasize on Mixed Reality of course.

The Global MR Bootcamp 2019 will take place on November 16th. At the moment we have over 33 locations worldwide participating the event. Each organizer will organize his own local event based on that day. A keynote/introduction of a maximum of half an hour is provided by us. The rest of their agenda is up to them. During this time we will help the organizers to setup their event, answer questions, bring them in contact with e.g. local speakers, but most importantly help them to make that day unforgettable. It is not about the size of an event. It is all about the community and the experience. To give you an idea of our organizers timeline check here.

We are looking for sponsors to make this event one to remember. Thanks to you as a sponsor we will be able to make this event the best in the world. We can not guarantee products of a sponsor are used. But we will promote the sponsor and its products on each event through the sponsors swag and possible suggested content, sessions and workshops. But it is up to the organizer to get it rolling.

To give you an idea of possible resources by sponsors and what we expect from our organizers;

Resources which will help to support organizers

  • “Mixed Reality in a box” includes all instructions and resources for the organizer to setup the local Global MR Bootcamp event. We need content from any of the above subjects to add to this box.
  • Access to source code for learning, presentation and workshops
  • Trial and/ or free licenses for software products
  • Training content readiness like presentations and videos
  • Promotion of the event via different channels like blogs, sites, twitter and of course the Global MR Bootcamp website
  • Promotion of the event through commercial channels of the sponsor
  • Bootcamp swag package for every event
  • Sponsor facility (if in nearby location) as a bootcamp venue (cost covered by the sponsor)
  • Food lunch boxes. Think of Subway lunch box for bootcamp. A minimum of 25 people is required, capped at 100 per local event at bootcamp. Availability is determined on food facility and locations.

What organizers need to do

  • Book or arrange a local venue for their bootcamp day
  • Keep their own bootcamp registration page on the Global MR Bootcamp site updated with the venue, agenda, speakers and other specific information regarding their local event
  • Secure speakers and bootcamp delivery
  • Share feedback and outcome (channel will be delivered by the Global MR Bootcamp)

How organizers can participate and register for the bootcamp

  • Organizers can sign up via the Global MR Bootcamp website. And after validation they will get an individual page for their event.
  • Organizers are added to the slack workspace to make it easy to share information to them and to allow them share their experiences to other organizers.
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